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Early Intervention Programs

CEID programs combine specialized early childhood education with extensive therapies (including speech, occupational, and physical); home visits; and parent education and support. The members of our staff have master’s degrees in deaf education, speech therapy, occupational therapy, social work, and infant mental health. Our team also includes a consulting clinical psychologist and a consulting neuro-developmental pediatrician.

Who is eligible?

Any child from birth to 5 years of age who has one or more of the following:


   • Suspected hearing loss

   • Diagnosed hearing loss of any degree (mild,

     moderate, severe, or profound)

   • Severe speech and language delay or other

     communication disorder

   • Deaf parent and a speech and language delay

     or a severe communication delay


Children meeting any of the criteria above may benefit from our programs.  Referrals for CEID services typically come from regional centers or local school districts.  Parents/ guardians and pediatric providers may also contact us directly to inquire about our services.

 Cindy Dickeson

Director of Programs and Operations

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