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CEID is proud to partner with Prospect Sierra Elementary School, an independent TK-8 school in El Cerrito. For nearly twent years, Prospect Sierra’s third grade classes have been working with CEID through a “Buddy Program” as part of their service learning curriculum. Throughout the school year, Prospect Sierra third graders visit CEID Toddler and Preschool students at least once a month to play, build vocabulary through sign language and spoken language, and practice communicating with each other.

Through the years, we also work jointly with local and national programs such as Vanderbilt University, Berkeley City College's ASL Program and California School for the Deaf, Fremont's Work Study program to provide opportunities for young adults looking to navigate into Education, Audiology, Speech and Language, Nonprofit, or other related work! In addition to BCC and CSD-F, we have had wonderful volunteers from UC Berkeley, Berkeley High School, and our own Alumni.

​We are open to connecting with any high school or college program. ​For more information please contact us!

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